Forest after the rain.

A few days ago I woke feelling dizzy, so I went back to bed after breakfast. Later in the day after waking up I decided to go for a short walk along a nearby aqueduct.
It was still overcast day with fine drizzle, si set off with an umbrella. After short section along the busy highway I entered the sectioned off aqueduct area. It is adjacent to the Yarra Ranges National Park and is part of the catchment area for the Marroondah dam that supplies watr to Melbourne.
It was peacefull walking along the access road beside the aqueduct. At the far end near the weir I stood on the culvert and looked up the creek, a beautiful sight.
Tall ash with mist through the crowns.
Walking back along the track I stopped and watched the forest. It was clean after the rain, and looked vibrant as one does after a long hot shower.
Soon I realised it wasn’t just a forest of trees. There were birds, insects, it was alive with moving things. The longer I stood, the more I could see. The forest was a restaraunt, supermarket, highway, community centre, accomondation centre. The forest was a city full of life.
Further along the track the forest changed from tall wet forest of ash and  regrowth wattles to black burnt dry forest trees, tree ferns and low bushes. I could hear the highway again, car, m’bikes and logging trucks.
I wished I could stay and camp in the forest back there.

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