I keep thinking to myself, I must get out on the bike.

It used to be out on the pushbike/bicycle, but in the last few years, my injured hip, from a driver who failed to give way,  has made it more painful to ride long distances so I’ve taken up motorcycling instead. It’s the rolling along the road with the wind in my hair, well on my face anyway. On the bike of a fellow who passed his motorcycle test the same day as I was a sticker that read:
” Only bikers know why dogs put their heads out of windows”

Today I dropped the Dragon ( Honda VFR750FL ) in for a service and new tyres. I walked home, but there is freedom in walking too, under your own power. The world around you is closer than in an enclosed vehicle.  I guess that’s why small yachts are fun too, just you and the wind.

Looking forward to getting back the big bike and doing a tour. I also want to get touring cycle fixed up. Until then I have the little scorpion ( Yamaha Scorpio Z 223cc ) to whizz around on. This bike is fun in the tight turned mountains, what it was built for in Japan, nothing over 80km/hr. A friend once said the cheapest fun on two wheels is a 250cc. So true.